Registration & Enrolment at Lee Academy

Excellentia per Studia

To enroll your child is a simple process. Please know that because we maintain small classes (at 16 students maximum), you are wise to apply as early as possible. The application does not require a fee until you have visited Lee Academy and placement is arranged.

We are currently accepting applications for both campuses. On the application, please indicate which campus you are applying to:

South Campus at 1978 2nd Concession West in Lynden

North Campus at 1279 Seaton Road in Sheffield

Fill out the application and background information form available, either by downloading them or contacting the school. Please ensure that you provide all the information requested.

Admission Forms

Both campuses are currently accepting applications for September, 2024.

Our South Campus in Lynden is currently accepting applications for Grade 7.

Our North Campus in Sheffield is currently accepting applications for JK to Grade 2.

How to Apply

Send the forms by email to or mail to: Lee Academy, 1978 2nd Conc. W., RR#1 Lynden, ON, L0R 1T0.

You may call us to arrange a tour at anytime. When we receive your forms, we will contact you to arrange a visit to the school. We encourage you to spend some time in a class with the teacher and students to experience our programmes in action.

Assessment Information

Your child will need to be assessed before a placement can be confirmed. For students entering Junior Kindergarten, we usually need only a morning together. We set a morning in May for all our potential JK students to visit their “new” school.

For students entering older grades, we invite them to spend at least an entire instructional day with an existing class and our teachers. During the visit, your child will spend some one on one time with a homeroom teacher so that we can assess his/her skill level in the core subjects of mathematics, writing and reading. If we are unable to accurately evaluate your child over the course of one visit, we may invite him/her back for another day.

After the assessment is complete, the director and teachers decide whether or not your child would thrive in our programme. We contact you to complete the registration process. At that point, we ask for immunization information, birth certificate information and a deposit. Please refer to our Fee Information Schedule.

All our registered students are invited to “Stepping Up Day” in May, when all students spend a morning visiting their September grades. New Junior Kindergartens come for the morning and all the other students “step up” to the next grade until the lunch hour that day. It’s a wonderful preview of the class for both the homeroom teacher and the students.

If you have any questions about how to enroll your child at Lee Academy, please contact our director, Alison Will.

Tuition and Fees

The fee structure at Lee Academy is very straightforward. There are no contracts to sign and all fees are fully refundable on a prorated basis (with the exception of the deposit which is non-refundable after May 30th and capital improvement once a child has attended for one year) if a family must withdraw their child.

Parents have the option of paying in lump sums or on a monthly payment plan.

There are five types of fees:

  • Tuition Fee
  • Materials/Excursions/Technology Fee
  • Transportation Fee (South Campus only)
  • After Care Fee (North Campus only)
  • Capital Improvement Fee

Please learn more and review the fees in further detail, below.

  • Covers the cost of your child’s programme for one year.
  • Covers the cost of all books, materials and supplies, including use of laptops
  • Includes nutritious afternoon snack programme (JK to Gr. 8)
  • Covers all normal excursions, field trips and school events including pasta/pizza/sub days
  • Families are never invoiced for extra charges
  • Optional and South Campus only
  • Covers the cost of bussing a family’s children to and from school each day
  • There is no fee for parents who choose to provide their own transportation
  • Part-time bus use is available on a prorated basis
  • Contributes to the cost of expanding and upgrading our facilities in a timely manner
  • Ensures that facility expansion matches enrolment growth
  • Those families enrolling more than one child or with other special circumstances may apply to spread the capital improvement fee over consecutive school years

Lee Academy Scholarships

As of 2019, the Lee Academy Scholarship Foundation is now accepting donations so that families without the income to afford Lee Academy tuition are eligible to receive scholarships. For more information, please review our Lee Academy Scholarships website (, or email