Introducing Lee Academy

Excellentia per Studia

We strive to achieve much more educationally, more thoroughly, than is attempted by other schools in our society.

We help our students develop a passion for learning which will stay with them throughout their lives. Beginning with the basics, we offer stimulating programmes with a fresh approach to learning, making it exciting and enjoyable.

Each child receives the personal attention and opportunities to develop his or her own skills and special interests. All students are encouraged to realize their full learning potential. Excellence, as in our motto, is encouraged in all aspects of your child’s development.

Our Primary Program

In the primary grades each child is given an academically challenging education based on reading, writing and arithmetic. Recognizing that ability varies from child to child, we teach these fundamental skills as early as possible, starting in Junior Kindergarten with a balanced programme of academic subjects and active play and having all students reading and doing basic mathematics in Grade 1. Each student’s programme also includes education in science, music, art, phys. ed., French, and computer and environmental studies for an engaging, well-rounded curriculum.

Speciality Subjects

Specialty subjects are introduced early: French in Junior Kindergarten; drama and music in Grade 1; formal investigative science in Grade 2; Computer and Digital Studies (C.D.S.) in grade 3. These are taught by teachers who are specialists and bring a passion and expertise in their subject which make the classes exciting and rewarding.

Our Junior Program

In the junior grades at Lee Academy the strong foundation of fundamentals is built upon with more advanced programmes. Our curriculum exceeds all Ontario Ministry of Education guidelines.

Our teachers take the time to ensure that students develop disciplined work habits and independent study skills to prepare them for future learning and success in whatever avenues they pursue.

Extracurricular Activities

Our students also have frequent opportunities to get involved in clubs, intramurals and extracurricular activities. Some of these run after school; many of them run during school lunch hour. Some examples of activities are running club, choir, dance club, chess club, glee club, math team and school musicals.

Athletics is an important part of our extracurricular activities. The school hosts and travels to inter-school competitions for teams and events including volleyball, basketball, soccer, cross-country and track and field.

Public speaking contests, spelling bees, theatre extravaganzas and science fairs all add to the students’ educational experience!

Our Senior Program

In senior school (Grades 7 and 8) we work with our students to prepare them for high school and beyond. Fostering independence, responsibility and accountability is our primary focus throughout these years. Self-assessment skills are reinforced for the students so that they recognize their strengths and weaknesses and are able to achieve their highest results.

We focus on training them to be thinking, capable youngsters who show a strong work ethic, self-awareness and respect both for themselves and for others. To graduate from Lee Academy represents a considered accomplishment, both academically and socially. Students are expected to demand from themselves a high standard of work and behaviour.

Community Outreach

Having our students participating in the local community is an important part of our senior programme. For more than ten years, our Grade 7 and 8 students have been ‘reading buddies’ with Grade 1 students at other elementary schools in Hamilton. Our students promote learning and develop relationships with their ‘buddies’ through reading and computer-based literacy activities.

Senior students also volunteer with local charitable organizations, organizing food, toy and clothing drive initiatives. Values of responsibility, volunteerism, leadership, mentorship and the importance of giving back are instilled in our senior students through their involvement in the community.