A great school with wonderful teachers. Such individualized care and attention to detail. My daughter has learned so much already and really enjoys going to school every day. Communication is excellent ( they send pictures and updates several times a week), they get to go on 1-2 field trips a month. The school itself is lovely and the kids have a large area to play. I would highly recommend this school.

We have 3 children who attend Lee Academy. The staff, teachers and students make this an incredible place to learn. Teachers and staff are supportive and available for questions and concerns, and go above and beyond to help develop a love of learning. Our kids are so happy here and we are too. Its an amazing place and we would highly recommend!
It is important to highlight the immense value that Lee Academy has provided for me. It was not until recently that I fully discovered the value of attending Lee Academy. The focus on creating a solid academic foundation, sparking our imagination about what’s possible in this world and enforcing the importance of hard work has been highly beneficial for me.
We are so happy our children attend Lee Academy and we are a part of the community. It feels like a home away from home. Our children are able to thrive and flourish in the small class sizes and the teachers know our children like their own. We get daily and weekly updates on how the children are doing in class and in-depth report cards. Overall, we are very happy with our decision to send our children to Lee Academy to develop the love of learning.
Lee Academy’s class sizes are kept intentionally small so both the teachers and students can thrive. The school is JK-8 and it’s a wonderful, supportive community of teachers, staff and students. The field trips are great and the opportunities for parents in classrooms and on trips enriches the overall experience. Daily and weekly updates, along with detailed report cards, keep us well-informed and deeply connected to our child’s progress. The communication is exceptional.
Our son really enjoys attending this school. He’s particularly fond of the play area and the classrooms, which are both welcoming and well-designed. The teachers have shown great care and expertise, making his transition from home to Junior Kindergarten much smoother than we anticipated, especially since he hadn’t been in daycare previously.
My son started at Lee Academy in JK and is now halfway through GR. 1. From his very first day of school up until now, he is always excited to go to school and never asks to stay home. That to me has always shown that Lee Academy provides a welcoming, fun, comfortable and supportive atmosphere! My son really enjoys the teamwork at Lee Academy. Whether it’s an older kid helping him with his reading and math homework or being put on a team with other grades for the winter Olympics or track and field day, he loves the constant support and teamwork from the other students and not just his class mates.
During the application process, our first step was calling the school and speaking to the director (which was seamless!). We then took a tour and asked all of our questions. We as a family really wanted to get an intuitive feel for the building, staff, and students. We thought it was important for our kids to come along so we could read how they were experiencing the environment and see what their thoughts were post-tour. After our tour, we spoke with the director some more, discussed our options, and then made our decision. We have not looked back since! Definitely worth the investment!
Both IQ and EQ are valued here and the concept of modelling consistent excellence is clearly a core value for all staff. The days are highly structured with reliable routines and the students take great comfort in that predictability. The lessons are highly engaging and assignments go beyond regurgitation and memorization… probing deeper thinking. You instantly get the sense that students here are learning HOW to learn, not WHAT to learn.