Our Philosophy

At Lee Academy each child is given an academically challenging education based on reading, writing and arithmetic. Recognizing that ability varies from child to child, we teach these fundamental skills as early as possible, starting in kindergarten and having all students reading and doing basic mathematics in Grade 1.

In addition, each student’s programme includes education in music, art, and specialty subjects such as French, physical education, science, computer, and environmental studies for an engaging,¬†well-rounded curriculum.

  • The central importance of excellent schools in our society.
  • Your child receiving the finest possible education in a safe, stimulating environment.
  • The individuality and equality of all our students.
  • Professionalism, dedication and human warmth and responsiveness in our teachers and childcare attendants.
  • Parental input and involvement as key to a child’s education.
  • The interaction of our students with the surrounding society.
  • The importance of the academic and professional development in our school.
  • The highest standards of academic excellence and challenging programmes for your child.