Careers at Lee Academy

It is an exciting time in Lee Academy’s development. With our new facility and campus, we have the opportunity to match our academic excellence with an ideal rural setting. The lesson possibilities are endless and we invite our teachers and staff to build a school that is known for its unique structure and atmosphere and unwavering standards.

As a new Lee Academy teacher there are a number of reasons to look forward to joining our staff. Our work environment is centred on making the school a great place to teach. We respect and appreciate the dedication, patience, intelligence and creativity it takes to be a gifted teacher. Requests for materials and resources are responded to immediately and our staff know that the school works hard to ensure that teachers have everything they need to design effective programmes.

Current Job Postings

We are accepting applications for a qualified Kindergarten teacher for September, 2024.

Lee Academy is a school where children love to spend their days, where parents are excited, supportive and involved and where the administration recognizes that our teachers and staff are the most important part of who we are. If you have any questions regarding being a part of our school, please contact the director at any time.

Applicants must possess superior qualifications, be enthusiastic, dedicated and innovative. Please email cover letters and resumes to